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The Eternal Way, Presented by Mr Warwick Jessup.

Join Warwick Jessup as he explores the philosophy of 'The Eternal Way', a work attributed to Sankara that expounds non-duality and has recently been translated into English by Warwick and his wife Elena. The text teaches a method to discover the real nature of the Self.

What’s Love Got to do With It? Presented by Mr Anthony Renshaw.


The wonder of love is that it is ever-available but never imposes itself; that it transforms everything it touches, but takes no time to do so; that it is like a feeling, but beyond feelings; that it is both a means and an end, a noun and a verb, the destination and the way.

In the Vedic tradition, the way of love has nine stages – three sets of three. The first set of three is about falling in love; the second set of three is about the sacrifice needed to win the beloved; and the third set of three is about transforming personal love into universal love.

In this workshop we’ll be led by these ideas and others into a fresh consideration of love in all of its power. We know more about love than we realise. This will be an opportunity to discover how much we know.

Off a Duck’s Back. Presented by Mr Anthony Renshaw

ducksSometimes we need to let things roll off us like water rolls off a duck’s back. Just as ducks have a natural insulation against their environment, human beings have the power of detachment. It’s a mighty power and when it’s awakened, it allows us to move more freely, think more clearly and feel more deeply.

In this workshop, we’ll spend some time wondering what inhibits this power and what releases it; what Meister Eckhart meant when he declared it to be the greatest of all human strengths; why it is that detachment alone lets us participate fully in the game of life.

Fate or Fatality: The Spleen Explosion Story. Presented by Dr Clive Lamond


Clive Lamond a student of philosophy and presenter of material for over 20 years at the School of Philosophy, thought he was in good health until one evening he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. What followed tested everything he had learnt in 20 years of meditation and practicing philosophy, as he ‘circled the drain’ and survived by the barest of margins.

This talk will look at the great questions Who Am I? What is existence? Am I this body? Am I in charge of my destiny? Also we will touch on meditation and how it relates to health, the management of shock and stress. We will also look at death, the unspeakable companion to us all, what has philosophy to teach us about death?

The Voices Made Me Do It. Presented by Dr Clive Lamond


A look at the internal voices and the eternal struggle to do right and good; although desires appear to force us to do the wrong and bad.  How philosophy and current knowledge of the mind and brain structure can allow us to retake control of our destiny and even our own thoughts.

Language – The Essence of Man. Presented by Rev. Dr Stephen Thompson

Dr Stephen Thompson is a visiting tutor from the Sanskrit Faculty of the School of Economic Science in London and was visiting Perth for a few days in January before heading to Melbourne to tutor at the Sanskrit Week there.

oldmanWhile in Perth he graciously agreed to give this talk entitled: Language – The Essence of Man

Stephen is an engaging speaker full of enthusiasm and joy no matter the topic. See language at its animated best, and find out what the essence of man has to do with the Sanskrit language.

Language by Dr Thompson - Click here to watch the video