blank Philosophy and Universal Order

There is only one activity in truth. This entire universe is this one activity, manifesting the glory and substance of the Absolute. At different times this activity may be called ‘speaking’, ‘writing’, ‘resting’, ‘going’ or ‘living’ but at all times it is manifesting the substance of the Absolute. Name and form change but the Absolute does not. The ocean and its waves are of the same substance; the waves are in motion and ever changing, but the substance, water, remains the same.

This series of courses looks a the Universal Principles, the forces that govern the creation and our how our understanding of these can help us navigate this life harmoniously.

green  The Universal Order

Pre-requisite to the Philosophy and Universal Order Courses:
Philosophy and Mindfulness and one of either
True Happiness and Mindfulness OR
Pure Love and Mindfulness and one of either
Presence of Mind OR
and at least 2 of the Way of Philosophy Titles

green  The Law of Three

While the law of three described the different qualities that any situation or thing may have according to the balance of the three Gunas , the law which describes how an event unfolds or the succession of events is called the law of seven. It is the law of harmonious action. This law describes how the most mundane of events take place as well as how the most profound activities that human beings can undertake proceed. It is closely related to the idea of harmony, not just as it appears in music but also in the idea of universal harmony and harmony between human beings. This 11 week course will study universal harmony and in particular the law of seven as the law of harmonious action.

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green  The Circle of Nine Points

“The science of number is a practical science which helps us in daily life and also helps to understand the
mysteries of the universe.” Shantananda Sarasvati

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green  Introduction to Sanskrit

This term we will be introduced to the Sanskrit language. A true study of language, any language, starts by considering where all language arises.
Thus in the Christian tradition, the Gospel of St John commences with:
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and theWord was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.

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green The Absolute

Everyone wants happiness, consciousness and is striving to get the truth. This is only a manifestation of the same truth, consciousness and bliss, which is the Absolute.

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green The Desire for Truth

Truth is that which exists. That which does not exist is an illusion, a dream. To tell the truth is to speak of things as they are. To speak untruly is to speak of things which do not exist. In ordinary worldly terms we understand the difference between truth and falsehood, between fact and fiction. In philosophical terms the important thing is to discover the reality which underlies everything.

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    16. Desire for Truth

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    Tuesdays | 9am | Online
    An exploration of the desire for truth, determining what truth really is, and how truth brings about unity.
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    Session 1
    Tue 30 Jan 09:00 - Tue 30 Jan 23:15
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    Tue 06 Feb 09:00 - Tue 06 Feb 23:15
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    Tue 13 Feb 09:00 - Tue 13 Feb 23:15
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    Tue 20 Feb 09:00 - Tue 20 Feb 23:15
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    Tue 27 Feb 09:00 - Tue 27 Feb 23:15
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    Tue 05 Mar 09:00 - Tue 05 Mar 23:15
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    Tue 12 Mar 09:00 - Tue 12 Mar 23:15
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    Session 8
    Tue 19 Mar 09:00 - Tue 19 Mar 23:15
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    Session 9
    Tue 26 Mar 09:00 - Tue 26 Mar 23:15
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    Session 10
    Tue 02 Apr 09:00 - Tue 02 Apr 23:15
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    Session 11
    Tue 09 Apr 09:00 - Tue 09 Apr 23:15
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