blank The Way of Philosophy

Traditionally, there are three ways that a man or woman may come to realize his or her own self, the Way of Action, the Way Devotion and the Way of Knowledge. Practical Philosophy brings these three ways together as a fourth way, applying ancient teachings to modern living. This forth way is the Philosophy - A Way of Life. These 11 week courses at the School of Practical Philosophy are grouped together as The Way of Philosophy.

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Pre-requisite to the Way of Philosophy Courses:

Meditation and Philosophy and Mindfulness 
and one of either
True Happiness and Mindfulness OR
Pure Love and Mindfulness
and one of either Presence of Mind OR Freedom.

red  The Way of Action

The Way of Action refines activity, releasing the individual’s talents for the benefit of the world.

    Not offered at this time

red  The Way of Knowledge

The Way of Knowledge lights the journey from individual to universal, allowing the individual to become the change they would like to see in the world.

    Not offered at this time

red  The Way of Devotion

The Way of Devotion liberates the power of love, allowing the individual to see the whole world as a family.

    Not offered at this time

red  Philosophy A Way of Life

When ancient philosophy first began, it was a way of life for the ‘householder’. It was “a mode of existing-in-the-world, which had to be practiced at each instant. Philosophy was a way of life, both in its exercise and effort to achieve wisdom, and in its goal, wisdom itself. For real wisdom does not merely cause us to know: it makes us “be” in a different way. Such is the lesson of ancient philosophy: an invitation to each human being to transform himself. Philosophy is a conversion, a transformation of one’s way of being and living, and a quest for wisdom.” (Pierre Hadot, Philosophy as a Way of Life)

The 'Philosophy A Way of Life' 11 week course explores how a person living in the world, participating fully in life in the roles one has been given or chosen and at the same time being and living from real wisdom.

    Not offered at this time