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The School of Practical Philosophy in Perth, Western Australia began in September 1991 and is affiliated with the School of Economic Science in London which started in 1937 in the wake of the Great Depression when a small group of people came together to study Economics. They were seeking an understanding of the universal laws which govern the relations between people in society. They hoped to discover principles which would help to eliminate the social ills prevailing at that time.

In this climate of social and economic uncertainty, a School was established on the firm premise that truth and justice exist, and so could be discovered, and having been discovered, could be practised and taught.

The discovery, practice and teaching proceeded hand in hand, until the early 1950s when Philosophy became the main study and has remained so ever since.

The School’s approach to the study of philosophy has been practical from the beginning, and has proceeded on the principles that what is learnt is for the benefit of others, and that the teacher never ceases being a student. The result is inner peace, contentment and lasting happiness.

The School’s philosophy courses are inspired by the ancient Indian concept of Advaita, but embrace a wide range of philosophers, thinkers and writers. For those interested in exploring these ideas, the School offers Sustainable Happiness – A 10 week Introductory course in Practical Philosophy. For many the Introductory 10 week course in Philosophy is as far as their interest takes them.

For others who want to know more, the School offers further classes to study more deeply, to practise meditation and to apply the lessons of philosophy in their daily lives.

In a spirit of enquiry, the School encourages an exploration of philosophical principles based on personal experience. It is not exclusive, and its students include followers of the world’s great religions – and many who follow no religion at all.

As well as offering the Philosophy courses, the school also endeavours to run other events from time to time thereby putting the study into practice as an example to the wider community.

The major event of the School year is the Philosophy Expo, held in November each year. Throughout the year other fund-raising Events are held from time to time.

The School’s main premises are in Teague Street, Burswood.

In 2003 the Perth School purchased this building in Burswood, which has become the focus of the School’s work. This gracious heritage building is on top of a hill overlooking the city and situated on a large block. Nine groups a week are held in the house as well as some weekend study days. The School has been working closely with the Victoria Park Shire Council’s town planning department to restore the old building. Much of the interior renovation has been completed along with major works to the grounds including resurfacing the driveway and relocating gas, electricity and sewerage lines. Fundraising carried out during the last few years has enabled the recent restoration of the outside of the buildings and even more recently the front garden and verge.


Teague Street, September 2012

Funding for the project is by donations from school members and others and fund raising events. The major fund raising event for the School is the annual Philosophy Expo held in November each year.