blank Philosophy for Life

At this stage the student is committed to Philosophy as a way of life and entry into some of the following groups is by invitation only. Other groups are open to the general public for a fee. (The fee is stated if this is the case).

Every course offered in the School is a stand-alone course with its own theme, its own focus and its own transformative practices. But they work together, with each course building on previous courses to open up the diverse field of human nature; to better understand the world in which we live; and to practice ways of realizing the full potential of the world in which we live and ourselves as individuals living in and through that world

Pre-requisite to the Philosophy for Life Courses:
Philosophy and Mindfulness 
and one of either
True Happiness and Mindfulness OR
Pure Love and Mindfulness and one of either
Presence of Mind OR
and at least 2 of the Way of Philosophy Titles and Philosophy and Universal Order.

orange  Philosophy for Life

The Philosophy for Life Courses are designed for the student who wishes to continue the study of Philosophy in a more in depth way, looking towards the ancient scriptures and using various methods such as meditation, reflection, dialectic and more to enhance that which has already been discovered.

    Face to Face Not offered Jun 2022 Term - Online options see 'Courses' Tab