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Where Face to Face courses in Perth are not able to run due to COVID-19 restrictions you have the option to join an ONLINE group.

Also if you are not in Perth, your work precludes a commitment for a 10 week course, you are self isolating due to the current COVID-19, or are incapacitated by some other health issue, then our on-line course options may be for you.

Most of the Courses from Philosophy and Mindfulness are now offered in an on-line classroom environment.

The School of Practical Philosophy WA  offers courses on-line  which were traditionally Face to Face, to the Perth Community, at times suitable to our time zone, in response to the COVID-19 health emergency.

On-Line Philosophy Courses can be found here: Practical Philosophy Australia.


Technical Requirements

Technical requirements
a) You need to have a broadband (i.e., cable or DSL high-speed) internet connection with a minimum of  512 kbps upstream, 4 mbps downstream.  You can test your connection here: http://www.speedtest.net/
b) A decent quality headset  is preferred but built in speakers and a built-in microphone or webcam-microphone will work just fine.
c) Your computer must be relatively new (less than 5 years). Windows users must be Vista or higher (Windows 7 or higher recommended).  Mac users must be at OSX 10.8 or higher. iPads and iPhones at IOS 6 or higher are now supported but are not recommended when a Mac or PC are available.  Android (4.4 and greater) devices are now supported.
d) You will need a webcam or built-in webcam.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to gaik@philosophywa.com.au.