blank Meditation

A Method for cultivating inner stillness and peace

The human spirit flourishes with the profound rest and total immobility of deep meditation.

Efficiency increases. Creativity flows.

Mindfulness and compassion grow.

The School of Practical Philosophy has been training people in meditation for more than five decades. In the early 1960’s, the School was instrumental in bringing meditation to the West and has been one of the pioneers in making it available as a transformative tool for life.

The purpose of our Introductory Course in Meditation is to explain something of the science of meditation, how it has become so highly-recognsied since the 1960’s, and to describe something of the traditional method of meditation offered by the School of Practical Philosophy.

The single most important rule of meditation in the School is that it should be simple. The simple meditation offered by the School takes account of all aspects of the eightfold system of Patanjali’s raja-yoga.

It begins with simple attention and ends in simple unity.

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