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The birth of the philosophy of Plato was amid the troubled world of Ancient Athens. During this time Socrates was discussing in the agora what it meant to be wise. One night Socrates had a dream in which he saw a young swan on his knees which all at once put forth plumage and flew away uttering a loud sweet note. Next day the young Plato was introduced to Socrates who immediately recognised him as the swan from his dream.

Socrates was Plato’s teacher until Socrates was executed in 396 BC for “corrupting the youth” of Athens. Plato subsequently, wrote the records of those conversations of Socrates that were so corrupting and which collectively are called “The Dialogues of Plato.”

If you would like to explore the “loud sweet note” of the philosophy of Plato then come join the Plato group which meets at 5:30pm Wednesdays (during term) at 13 Teague St, Burswood. It is open to enrolled students of the School of Philosophy.
If you have the a copy of the Jowett translation of Plato’s works then bring it along. If not a copy of the relevant text will be provided at a small cost.

If you would like more information, then give John a call on 0439 922 338 or complete this form