Zoom On-Line Courses

The School of Practical Philosophy advises that Face to Face groups and classes have now been suspended. All enrolled students can join their group on the same day and time via the ZOOM online platform.  All current students have been sent an email with a Zoom link and/or the meeting ID and Password. If you having any difficulties, please contact your tutor or email gaik@philosophywa.com.au

We thank you for your understanding and we hope we can continue to serve you by presenting our courses to new and existing students via the Zoom platform. No doubt there will be a few bumps along the road, so please be patient with your tutors and fellow-students as we all become accustomed to this new way of interacting.

It is important that we all remain calm in the current situation and continue to help one another with all the kindness at our disposal. One positive effect of what is now taking place is that it may encourage us all to seek a simpler, less complex way of life and strengthen our sense of community.

The teaching of the School is perfectly suited to assist with this. This is why it is important that we keep meeting together, albeit online. The School’s teachings will provide us all with the steadiness and insight to respond to the needs before us with a mind that is clear and a heart that is open.

How to join a Zoom On Line Course

Once you have enrolled in a course you will be emailed an invitation to attend that course and you'll be given the day and time as well as a link and Meeting ID and/OR Password to the 'virtual classroom'.

*For computer requirements go to Zoom - System Requirements

There are two ways to join the Zoom Classroom.

1. Join a Meeting from the Zoom App

The best way to enter the classroom is to have a Zoom account of your own. You can get a free account from Zoom.us and this will be your own personal 'zoom room' and can be easily accessed from any/all the devices on which you install the Zoom app.

To Join a Meeting using the Zoom app, follow these instructions:



2. Join a Meeting from the a Link

If you have been emailed a link then you can just click on the link OR copy the link to your browser and then follow the prompts from your Web Browser as follows: