Summer School

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How many times have you made New Year resolutions, only to find that by February you can’t even remember what they are?  Do you give up in exasperation, wondering what is the point, and isn’t it all a rather stupid idea in the first place?

Whether Socrates made new year resolutions or not, it is illuminating both to harvest the development and growth of the previous year, and to move into the coming year with a sense of purpose, anticipation and wonder.   This creates an opportunity to express gratitude, hope and joy. 

It therefore gives me great pleasure to invite you to this special Summer School session where we will explore a new way to create unforgettable New Year Resolutions – and while we’re at it, we’ll look ahead to the next decade!  

So, think about this:  What do you yearn for in your life?  What do you want to bring into being in 2020, and in the next ten years?  Who do you want to be, what is the quality you most want to nurture, and what is the context for your growth?

Join us to explore these questions.  This workshop will help you to connect with your deep inner wisdom, through guided meditation and creative arts activities.  We’ll be following an ancient Tibetan process for manifesting dreams into reality, to help you find that “high gift that has been hidden, but when you pay attention to it, it can emerge”.

(And in case you’re worried - no artistic ability is necessary!)

I look forward to seeing you there! 




“Potential is never ‘finished’ – we always have more we can be, do, open up to, learn and give.”

Iris runs a successful private practice in life-purpose coaching, where she works with people who want to realise their potential and create a bigger life, one of contribution and impact.

It is fantastic to watch as someone explores and extends their capacity in more ways than they thought possible.  It is beautiful to witness each person rediscovering their natural joy in life, and transforming their relationships, work, health and spirituality. They create a life they love and it is a privilege to accompany them on their journey.  Win, win!

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