blank Summer Lecture Series

Wednesday 2nd & Wednesday 16th January, 2019

The Summer Series of Lectures will be held at

13 Teague Street, Burswood

The cost per evening lecture is AUD$25.00 (incl GST).

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Wednesday Jan 2 - Using Creativity to Connect with the Divine, Iris Whitelock

Wednesday Jan 16 - Can One Find Spirituality in Geology?, Carl Brauhart

Jan 2

Using Creativity to Connect with the Divine

For more than 60,000 years, humans have used creative expression through art to communicate our innermost desires and to express our yearning for the Divine.  In a modern world where we rely on scientific process to analyse and explain the material dimensions of life, we can lose our connection with our deep inner knowing - the inexplicable, the infinite and the eternal. Transpersonal art therapy can offer a creative pathway into the spiritual and intuitive aspects of being human by tapping into pre-verbal, sensory expression of the sub-conscious.


During this session, we will engage in a short meditation and simple art exercise to demonstrate how art therapy can privilege the unconscious and put us in touch with our deeper knowing.  It will be a peaceful experience -  there will be “being and doing”, rather than a lot of talking.   No artistic ability is required – you are innately creative (whether you believe it or not!).  I encourage you to receive this as an opportunity to give your inner critic some time off, and allow yourself to explore a modality you might have dismissed before as “not for me”.


Iris Whitelock is a Transpersonal Art Therapist specialising in working with mature women who know they have more to contribute in their lives, but might not be sure what that is. “I help them clarify and focus on what fires them up. They learn to express their wisdom, abilities and creativity on their own terms. By stepping into their own power, they reclaim their confidence, energy and joy; they create a future that is meaningful and rewarding”.

Jan 16

Can One Find Spirituality in Geology?

Geology is the study of rocks, but also of deep time; expanses of time so vast that without the levers of mathematics, no appreciation of that immense timescale is possible. In this talk, you will help arrange a time chart that shows key moments in the history of planet Earth. Having created our chart we will then consider “What is your place in all of this?”. What were the odds that the history of planet Earth would lead to you?

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