blankMeditation: Further Courses


Meditation restores our inner poise, inner peace and inner harmony through a simple technique whereby our awareness is drawn to a place of inner repose and stillness where we can be untroubled by the habitual activity of the mind. Another way of expressing this is that we let go of the temporary and transient and come to rest in the permanent.
In meditation one experiences a sense of ease, clarity and profound rest. This is then carried into our everyday life, producing a feeling of greater space, with less rush, less pressure.

A Method for cultivating inner stillness and peace

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After completing the Introductory Course in Meditation, students are invited to continue with the study in further courses offered in 10-week modules.

blankMeditation, Wisdom & Happiness (enrolments now open for Jan 2018) – the practice and simplicity of meditation; going into depth in meditation; the wisdom within; self-discovery and self-knowledge; understanding energy and its uses; satisfying the desire for truth; the need for discipline in coming to bliss; stillness the real experience of meditation; the creative power of wisdom.

blankMeditation & Love – meeting yourself in Meditation; the comprehensive system of meditation; the true nature of love; coming to a state of equilibrium; exploring the subtle realm of being; making decisions based on true principle; love the motive force; love guided by wisdom and source of happiness, more on the mantra, unity.

blankMeditation & Presence – the move from stillness to ever-greater stillness; presence of mind; re-charging the subtle body; cleansing and purifying the being; meditation and the move to pure consciousness; meditation and the effect of tradition; the power of decision; mantra meditation a potent force; universal powers of thought, decision, love and will; stilling the ears in meditation.

blankMeditation & Freedom – listening and proper pronunciation of the mantra in meditation; the relationship between freedom, love and truth; meeting creation as a play; the relationship between valuation, choice and memory; purity of heart and meditation; the nature of the ego; overcoming pre-set ideas; the barriers to enlightenment; stilling the eyes, ears and mind in meditation.



Further Courses – deepening the study of meditation; the ways of action, knowledge and devotion.