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The School’s main premises is in Burswood and is a heritage property purchased by the School in 2003. The Victoria Park Shire Council town planning department have worked closely with the School on plans for its use and restoration. The School has undertaken the Councils suggestions in this regard, however, funding for the project is limited to student donations and fund raising events, plus any surplus from the day to day operation of the School.

To this end, the School has set up a Building Fund to raise the necessary funds to pay the mortgage (interest and principal), maintain and improve the interior and exterior of the building and to meet the Councils recommendations for the restoration.


Burswood Property

What is The Building Fund?

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While course fees paid by students in the School are used to pay help pay for venues in which to hold the Introductory Courses, any surplus funds are redirected to the Building Fund to assist in the mortgage payments.

Purchased by the School of Philosophy Foundation Trust in 2003, the Burswood property is a heritage, c1900 era home. It holds 16 classes per week, including a study group that prepares the biscuits available during tea breaks. The intention in purchasing the Burswood property was to establish a permanent home for the School. It was also to act as a base, to ensure the School’s long term success, to act as a meditation retreat for existing students, and as a cultural centre for the people of Perth.

The purchase and maintenance of the Burswood property depends primarily upon Tax deductible donations to the Building Fund. The mortgage at present is now under $35,000, after recent one off payments from funds raised through the annual Philosophy Expo and Summer Lecture Series and $20,000 donated by two very generous students.

The monthly interest payments are currently being met by generous donations from a handful of students, and monies collected from the refreshment breaks (tea and coffee donations).

Works completed to date include the restoration of much of the interior, including painting and furnishings in keeping with the era; resurfacing of the driveway and car parking bays on the premises which do not detract from the building itself; restoration of the front verandah; external painting and restoration of roofing, gutters and downpipes. During 2013 and 2014 new carpet to the downstairs refectory and office, establishment of the gardens to the front of the building, installation of fountains and water features at the front, a limestone and iron fence at the front of the property and the installation of iron gates at the top of the driveway were completed.

The Building Fund is the School’s account for all donations and the School is also registered as a ‘not for profit’ organisation so all donations are 100% tax deductible. To meet the loan repayments, continue the renovations, and pay off the current loan requires we raise a target of $45 000 over the next 2 years. Your donation, however small, will greatly assist the restoration and outright ownership of the Burswood property, and ensure a permanent home base for the Perth School of Philosophy as well as a study centre of excellence for all the people of Perth.

Teague St, 2003

Donation Form You can use this form to make donations to the Building Fund via eftpos, credit card, cash or cheque. The completed form can be faxed to 08 9300 0558 or posted to the School of Philosophy Building Fund PO Box 8085, Perth WA 6849. Donate direct to the Building Fund via Internet Banking.

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