The Aim of Philosophy

Presence of mind is the working surface of practical philosophy. It is mindful awareness of the current state of the physical world, the mental world, and the emotional world. The present moment illuminates the way to freedom of speech, thought and action. Established in the now, free of limitations and doubt, the individual can act creatively instead of reacting habitually. The Aim of Philosophy courses in the School of Practical Philosophy are ‘Presence of Mind’ and ‘Freedom’

Pre-requisite to the Aim of Philosophy Courses:is

Philosophy and Mindfulness
and one of either
True Happiness and Mindfulness OR
Pure Love and Mindfulness

yellow  Presence of Mind

Without awareness in and of the present moment, it’s impossible to see the way forward. We cannot act freely, so we react with knowledge from the past or desire for the future. Either way, we are simply recycling experience. The thing is to be, here and now, instead of constantly becoming something other than what we are.

Only the individual can desire, only the individual can labour, only the individual can know, and only the individual can choose. The Presence of Mind 11 week course aims at awakening the individual’s ability to transform their world by enacting their sovereign freedom in the present moment.


yellow  Freedom

The desire for freedom is common, however what is the true nature of freedom, how may it be experienced fully and constantly, how is freedom lost, how does this apply both to individuals and to societies?

This 11-week course explores the nature of freedom and our preconceived ideas which may limit our sense of freedom.

May 24

05. Philosophy and Freedom

Select this option for Thursdays from 6.30pm Location: Currambine Community Centre, 64 Delamere Road, Currambine Presenters: Bernie Kroczek
$250.00 incl. GST OR Early Bird Registration: $200.00 (incl GST)
Aged Pension Price $180.00 incl. GST
May 24

05. Philosophy and Freedom

Select this option for Thursdays from 7.00pm Location: South Perth Learning Centre, South Terrace, South Perth Presenters: Brian McGurk
$250.00 incl. GST OR Early Bird Registration: $200.00 (incl GST)
Aged Pension Price $180.00 incl. GST

yellow  Meditation

An 11 Week Introductory Course commencing May 24, 2018

(For further Meditation courses having completed the Introductory Course click here.)

The human spirit flourishes with the profound rest and total immobility of deep meditation.

Efficiency increases. Creativity flows. Mindfulness and compassion grow.

Exploring the inner life and making it practical for daily living requires a method for cultivating inner stillness and peace. The School uses a method of mantra meditation for this purpose. The system of meditation is not religious, it is designed for the spirit of man and therefore it does not clash with anything. The Mantra based meditation comes from an ancient tradition. The meditation is introduced with a ceremony according to an ancient tradition.

The ceremony will take place around Week 8 and during this ceremony a gift of money is made according to the means of each student.

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